Friday, April 9, 2010


God has been showing me a lot about spring and change and growth.
I celebrated my 25th birthday last week, and was blessed with a seemingly overdue great day with people I love.

After the busy Easter season, I'm slowly getting things together. I'm starting to decorate my house more, starting to experiment with recipes again,trying to find places to run in my new neighborhood, and finding new interests and hobbies like gardening. It's been busy!
God has been busy, too. He's been doing a lot in my soul. One of the things that I really appreciate about my relationship with God is how well He knows me. God knows I to get my attention big time, lots of little dots need to connect. From songs I hear on the radio to books I'm reading to conversations with strangers and all needs to string together topically. and then for me usually there is an "aha!" moment when I begin to breathe a big easier and rest in God's providence. Some big changes are happening in my life (which is very much in theme with all the crazy life changes that happened in 2009) and it's going to be interesting to see where things go. But I do know that God is shaking up previous expectations I had about life, which is comforting to me because I wasn't sure how things were supposed to work and feel like. It's sometimes like an identity crisis, sometimes like a confused person, sometimes like a kid trying to be grown up...and it can be a bit overwhelming.

But I also feel relief in the fact that I think lots, if not all, twenty somethings go through this around this time. I take comfort in knowing that if everyone else made it through this period in their life-I will, too. And not only make it through, but perhaps I can grow, continue, flourish and press harder into my relationship with God than ever before.

There's a tree outside my home. And I have been watching some of the other trees in my court bloom these past two weeks. Some red leaves, some white flowers...all kinds of things. I have been waiting and waiting for something to grow. It's like cementing my new life in my new house. It symbolizes home I think.
And today... the tree finally bloomed. And not only that, but check out what flowers I got:

Oh yea, God knows me well all right. :)