Thursday, November 19, 2009


At Nativity we have been attempting to teach kids about giving, specifically in terms of money. It sounds strange and even impossible, but it has been really amazing to see the kids bringing their treasure boxes back each week with coins. We have a moment in Time Traveler when the kids in All Stars and Time Travelers get to bring their treasure boxes forward and make their "offering" into a larger treasure box. It is really inspiring to watch. See for yourself:

I was thinking the other day the amazing effect that this could have on the spiritual lives of these kids. Although you may have the occasional "My mom gave me ten dollars to bring back here for our fund raise" (which is not the goal), you also hear the "I got money for my birthday and brought some of it here to give back to God!"

Whether or not the spiritual practice of stewardship becomes a daily part of the kids life is not really the point. It's rather cultivating a spirit of generousity and connecting giving with God. It's about God loving us so much and giving us so much, that when we offer some of those gifts back to God it's like shouting "I LOVE YOU GOD" from the top of the tallest building in the world. It's about keeping their hearts happy and content with their blessings and gifts, so much so that their hearts have more room for Jesus to be in every little nook and cranny of their hearts.

It's important, and I believe that the Holy Spirit will keep this concept and discipline in their life as they grow. They'll keep hearing about it year after year, and at some point, it'll click. It'll make sense to them. I believe it will change their life as teens and adults.

For now, as most kids hear about it for the very first time, we can have fun and sail away to Treasure Island...