Saturday, February 27, 2010


These past two weeks have had a lot crammed into them. Lots of activities happened, lots of emotional things happened and lots of conversations happened. But when I sat back today I realized that God has been giving me a lot to soak in. Sometimes that just happens I think. When we have a lot going on and we're busy, God obviously knows that, and knows we're going to need some fuel. Not like sleep fuel (though that is very important) but like spiritual food. And I don't think that spiritual things don't always mean directly related to Christ or faith. It certainly can, but it doesn't have to. For example, I was given a ticket to a Casting Crowns concert by great friends and it was a really great time with God for me. They spoke great words of wisdom, and I felt transported back to the times when I had first heard some of their songs. God reminded me of his faithfulness and longevity in our lives.It was a good spiritual experience.

But then last night I spent over two hours talking with my mom about a lot of things. And that was just as much a spiritual experience, too. Because while most of our conversation wasn't God related, God showed up. He gave us a great opportunity to realize that even though we don't live in the same house anymore, our relationship can still be strong if not stronger than before. These things feed our souls and remind us of how God made us for relationship. And by drawing into these good, healthy relationships, we can also draw closer to Him.

PS: If you have 20 minutes free in the course of the week, go here and watch the video podcasts from Nativitys new series, Sfumato. From experience, listening to it in the quiet of my house really focused a second time gave me a whole new experience and really challenged me. God will show up for sure.

I close with some photos of recent activities:

Everyone needs a cotton candy break in their workday!

Casting crowns concert!