Monday, March 22, 2010


A lot of times I put time with the Lord on the same level as exercise. I think "okay I really need to fit it into my schedule at least four times a week, and I'm going to have to get used to it, because hey, I need this to take care of myself for the rest of my life." So, I'm again trying to get into a normal exercise schedule. With having to quit the gym, it is interesting to find out what kinds of things I can do at home and around my neighborhood. I am still finding out my limits and goals and what I enjoy doing and what is giving me the best workout and all that business...but how is that even comparable to any kind of relationship with God!? Exercise for me, at least right now is just something to get through. Something that I know is good for me, I know that I need, and I know is everlasting and needs to be a part of my life. I really have to stop doing that. Our relationship with God is not just part of our lives. It is the only thing worth living AND worth dying for. It's the only thing that makes my heart truly happy, where all good things come from and what comforts, heals AND fulfills the innermost desires of our hearts!

To try and compare that kind of relationship with ANYTHING ELSE is just plain ridiculous.

But also, Lord, aid me in recognizing the joys of getting to know You better, and not focus on what I am lacking on, or what I am doing wrong in attempting to live this life of faith. It is the most precious gift in the world that You would give love to someone as unworthy as me, and I know this, but I need to really love myself as You do. I need to see the value in myself, and all the gifts and talents You continually to help me discover on a day to day basis. I am nothing without You, and yet in You I want to become everything You made me to be.


Rianna said...

Kristin, It was great to finally meet you this weekend. Great blog post! I find it is much easier to find time to exercise, when you allow God to exercise with you!

Rianna said...
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