Friday, June 18, 2010


Heavenly Father, place your holy hand upon our plans. We lift up to you Vacation Bible School and every child that will be with us next week. In these next two days, may we prepare a place for kids to meet you, or know you deeper. Where there is stress, put peace. When things seem out of control and hectic, show us the majesty of your unique creations. Thank you for the plan that you have for each of the ministers and each of the children. You are Almighty and we trust you with each and every day.

We pray specifically for the kids who don't yet know you and your amazing power. Who don't know that you are their Father who loves them more than anything and created them so unique and special. May they catch a glimpse of who you are and how badly you want to be their best friend.

We pray specifically for the ministers who will be serving with us. Bless them in powerful ways. Send the Holy Spirit to pour energy, enthusiasm and love into them. We thank you for sending them for our team. Use the gifts you gave them to help them serve cheerfully and be a reflection of your love.

You are the Author of our lives, and this week is another chapter you have scripted. May we acknowledge your presence at every turn. Thank you, Father, for the blessings and the opportunity. We pray all this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Join us in prayer and intercession for vbs: Start TODAY (or whenever this is read) and pray with us everyday at 3:00pm until next Friday, June 25.