Thursday, July 22, 2010

pure worship

I really connect to God through music. Along my journey I have found that lots of other people do, too. Hense, I'm very into sharing music God uses to form my heart and annoint my spirit and to guide me along the way.

Currently, I have been digging into some old worship favorites of mine. I'm working on creating a prayer space in my house, and it has been so fufilling to dedicate it as a sacred space as I work on it. So, I have been listening to cd's from college that really blessed me at significant moments in my life And now, six years later, are continuing to have a significant impact on my spirit.

The cd's are from a collection called "Enter the Worship Circle." Here are four things I LOVE about these cd's:
1) It's very raw.

If you're looking for perfect pitch 100% of the time, with incredibly timed harmonies...this is NOT it.
But it is real and emotional and freeing worship.

2) The are original songs.
I don't know about you but I get sick of the same old worship songs after awhile.
So discovering new worship is very refreshing and worthwhile to me.
3) The lyrics are convicting.
They don't mess around with worshiping the Holy Spirit.
Their lyrics get right to your heart and they're truthful.
They don't shy away from human nature, sin, anger and disobedience.
They sing about God in a fresh, loving way and they sing with such beautiful abandon.
4) It's so Spirit-led.
This stuff is for real. It's totally Spirit led, and you can tell from the first track.
Some songs are three and a half minutes, and some songs are ten.
They are in it solely to worship and lead others into it. I love it.

SO-check it out!